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Distilling and Crafting

Our Distilling and Crafting capabilities and expertise is supported by state of the art equipment supported by a team of master crafters.

•A three pot Distillation system, two 600 gallon and one 900 gallon stills.

•A full range of supplementary tanks that allow for making a variety of distilled spirits in both large volume and small batch.

• 5 stainless steel, 8000 gallon bulk storage tanks, giving us a total capacity of 40,000 gallons.

• The stills and tanks are fully supported and integrated by a full range of Mash cookers, filtration equipment, fermenters,        boilers and chillers.

• A state of the art reverse osmosis system with a pre filtration system producing up to 36 gallons per minute. 

• A large fully equipped self contained refrigeration unit for products needing to be stored in a controlled cold temperature.

• A fully equipped laboratory with the ability to expertly handle all aspects of product formulation, blending, and new product,     development.

  • A free standing electronically monitored ( cameras, sprinklers, alarmed) 2000 sq. ft fully bonded warehouse

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